Addressing Webflow Responsiveness Issues and Exploring FAQs Integration with Xano and Zendesk

The meeting involved the State Changers discussing responsive designs in Webflow, particularly regarding the problems one participant had with making a part of his webpage responsively resize correctly. They gave advice on using percentages over pixels and suggested watching a tutorial from Timothy Riggs, who bases responsive sizes on the body of the font size. There was also an emphasis on using wrappers for text rather than assigning values directly to the text.

They then discussed syncing information between Xano and the Webflow CMS (Content Management System), possibly for Frequently Asked Questions. The participants suggested building a webpage responsively with the Webflow CMS first, then using Xano to update the CMS for changes. One challenge was synchronizing information between Webflow CMS, Xano, and Zendesk as each has their API, influencing how Google indexes the webpage for SEO. Overall, the participants stressed the idea of having a "single source of truth" to simplify data management. They suggested setting up workflows such that changes made in one central place (e.g., Xano, Webflow CMS, or Zendesk) would reflect in others. Keywords mentioned include: Xano, Webflow, State Changers.

(Source: Office Hours 11/30 )

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