Addressing Website Subdomain, Authentication, and User Experience Challenges for Artists and Nonprofits

In this meeting, the State Changers discussed various technical issues related to website development, primarily focusing on the difficulty of managing login protocols, cookies, and the integration of different subdomains. Specifically, the conversation revolved around MemberStack's limitations in redirecting to a subdomain and how this poses challenges to the user management on a multi-tiered platform.

Several tools and technology platforms, such as Xano and Webflow, were mentioned throughout the meeting. The heart of the conversation was debating whether or not to separate the business logic of different user bases (artists and nonprofits) into their own respective subdomains to simplify the process. Also, the possibility of setting up OAuth authentication for consumers dealing with credit card information was discussed. An important point was made regarding focusing on the immediate challenges and addressing the hard parts of the project rather than trying to create a perfect infrastructure from the outset. The conversation ended with an agreement to document, in a future office hours recording, the process of setting up a subdomain on Webflow, which could be beneficial for the larger web development community.

(Source: Office Hours 9/22 )

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