Addressing Workflow Issues with WeWeb and Zano Integration

The meeting among the State Changers covered the significant difficulties the participants were facing integrating Webflow elements into WeWeb because of its front-end price. However, there were issues with errors and bugginess after some changes were pushed live. The discussion focused extensively on how the system was taking a Webflow element, an epic ID, and sending it to a Zano endpoint, which was inconsistently successful. Both WeWeb and Zano were primary topics of discourse. The issue at hand was that the system was grabbing the wrong property or forgetting about the epic ID altogether, causing it to pull incorrect data.

The State Changers explored the idea of a 'current' boolean that would keep track of the active property. Though they discussed solutions, such as updating the current property each time a new epic ID was defined or trying to maintain the same ID, they did not arrive at a firm solution. They suggested forwarding this issue to Slava (presumably a member of their team or a representative from WeWeb or Zano), with the aim of maintaining the Epic ID throughout the user journey. The possibility of an underlying issue with WeWeb losing the epic ID was suggested, along with the idea that these problems may only be present in the editor, not the published version. The meeting concluded with the idea of creating a more robust back-end and having it maintain the user's state, which might be an easier and longer-term solution.

(Source: Office Hours 1/23 )

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