Addressing Zano Precondition Issues and Expanding Typeform Embed Capabilities with Wiz

This meeting involved the State Changers discussing technical issues and potential solutions. Two main issues were discussed:

1. Xano Precondition Issue: The team was troubleshooting a precondition issue in Xano, involving a password matching function for the resetting of passwords. They discovered the issue lies in the hashing and salting process. Their resolution was to change over password fields from hash to plain text, as they determined that in their specific context, this wouldn't pose a serious security risk. 2. Typeform Embed Issue: The team discussed a challenge involving the passing of a token as a hidden field in an embedded Typeform, using Wiz. They suspected the timing of the JavaScript load might be causing the problem, since the Typeform embed loads immediately before the Wiz operations complete. The team considered adding a delay to the script's load time or possibly altering the JavaScript code. After a lengthy discussion to diagnose the problem, it was decided that further research would be required to solve this synchronization issue. This meeting could be useful to developers working with Xano, Wiz, Typeform, and dealing with timing issues surrounding JavaScript loading in tokens or form embedding.

(Source: Office Hours 12/7 )

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