Addressing ZIP Code Verification and Database Update Issues in Programming Code

The State Changers discussed a problem encountered in their code. A participant was trying to add a ZIP code checking function to their program in order to filter relevant real estate listings. The aim was to run a ZIP code check before other tests are initiated to filter the property listings they are interested in.

Initially, problems arose when trying to use list functions to match specific ZIP codes. Further complications were encountered regarding input postal codes and opportunity record editing. The function was not responding as expected primarily because the existing listings in the database had been exhausted. Hence, it was discovered that the program was not progressing to the ‘test good ZIP codes’ function. To troubleshoot, the team decided to delete some listings from the table so that the system could retrieve fresh listings. However, the issue was not resolved since the test was only encountering properties with known good ZIP codes. To resolve this, the meeting participants then created fake data by modifying the ZIP code in a copy of the actual data. This allowed the function to encounter a 'bad' ZIP code to test the function. They confirmed that getting a record and changing its status effectively moved the system onto the next record. The meeting was concluded with the participant's affirmation to test these changes later. The session was also reflective of the team's proficiency in Javascript and debugging its functions.

(Source: Office Hours 9/29 AM )

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