Analyzing the transcript, the most relevant keywords mentioned are "Xano," "Weweb," "API," and "Javascript." Based on this, a suitable title for the meeting could be "Comparing Xano and Weweb APIs using Javascript.

In this meeting, the participants discuss the process of getting the Zeno banner back on the wall. They mention the need to compare the ICS (calendar) data from Google and Zeno to identify any differences. They discuss using a script tag to retrieve the ICS text and compare the two sources. They also consider using a validator to analyze the formatted output of the ICS text. The participants mention the importance of validating the output and suggest using JSON validators or other tools to ensure the correct format is achieved. They express excitement about the progress made so far and mention that there is still some work left to do. Finally, they inquire if there is anything they can assist David with.

(Source: Office Hours 4/13 )

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