API Call Troubleshooting: Clarifying the Role of Menu ID in Custom Function

The State Changers had a detailed meeting regarding the functionality of an API and the issues related to the menu ID. They discussed a problem where the menu ID was optional, but in the Swagger documentation, it was required. The problem arose when the State Changers tried to integrate the variable into the path using curly brace syntax, which had an impact on the application's front end.

The solution proposed involved restructuring the definition of the endpoint to make the menu ID part of the path. They suggested discarding the get functionality for the menu if not in use, and renaming it using the settings in the upper right-hand corner. Choosing this approach made the menu ID optional in the Swagger documentation. The State Changers concluded that care must be taken while integrating variables into paths and suggested using the question mark method instead of curly braces to avoid similar issues in future.

(Source: Office Hours 2/20 )

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