Auth Renewal and Auto Logout Functionality with FlutterFlow and OpenAI Codex

In this meeting of the State Changers, the participants discussed the development issue of creating an auto logout feature for users who are inactive for twenty minutes using FlutterFlow. In the current situation, the system needs an action to initiate a logout, which does not happen automatically when the token expires.

The team dove into working with custom actions in FlutterFlow and made use of the OpenAI Codex to generate a solution to set a timeout timer. Despite initial confusion between the functionality of the timer and the writer's interpretation, the team managed to create a periodic timer using 'Timer.periodic'. This timer is looking for the expiration of the authentication token every x seconds (or minutes). Furthermore, suggestions to develop the required function were discussed. The function checks whether a specific application variable (expiration time) exceeds the current time. If it does, it should automatically logout the user and redirect them to the welcome screen. Towards the end of the meeting, it was concluded that creating periodic actions to run every second in FlutterFlow is a simpler and more manageable approach. Comparing two values (current time and expiration time) periodically would suffice to trigger automatic logout when necessary. As a next step, the participant will proceed with implementing this solution, with an invitation to revisit the group for further discussion if required. Overall, this meeting provided a deep technical exploration, primarily focussing on FlutterFlow, OpenAI Codex, and the development of auto logout feature.

(Source: Office Hours 4/17 midday )

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