Authentication and Persistent Tokens in Xano: Best Practices and User Workflow Optimization

In the State Changers meeting, the primary discussion revolved around automation, particularly using the authentication token from Xano. By labeling this token and creating an accompanying variable or app state, the members described how to pull in just the authentication body form.

They discussed saving the Xano auth token and making it persistent, which prevents login issues. They further shed light on the TTL of the authentication token, explaining it as the duration for which the token would be valid. They also mentioned the potential update of AppState being looked into by a Flutterflow expert, which would allow changes to AppState without having to create a new one. They also brought up refreshing the tokens, outlining a practice whereby the token expires unless the user logs in within a two-week time frame. If the user does log in within that span, their fourteen days reset. The members agreed that this is a good pattern for dealing with token refreshes. They emphasized that the focus on token refreshes was not limited to Flutterflow but extended to all their dealings.

(Source: Office Hours Extra: FlutterFlow Auth and Push Notifications )

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