Automating OAuth Authentication for Xano Subaccounts with GoHighLevel API

This meeting involved the State Changers discussing the challenges and potential solutions related to a new location creation feature in their application. The focus was mainly on integrating with "Go High Level" API through OAuth2 authentication and the possibility of automating the user authentication process.

The process entails users creating a new location in their app, where a unique code is generated in 'Xano', following which further steps could be automated. The automation aims to streamline user interactions, removing the necessity for them to be involved in certain intricate tasks. A critical technical issue arose when users had to log in. If the user wasn't already logged in, the click event forces a new login but fails to remember necessary parameters to generate the code, leading to the process being interrupted. The team considered Selenium and other similar tools for browser automation, but the approach had security implications as it would require access to user's passwords. The presenters proposed employing a "White Glove" approach, making a step-by-step guide to help users navigate the process. One hurdle noted was the authentication against OAuth2 is necessary even while creating a new user. Therefore, the automation of this process becomes vital. The team decided to continue investigating possible solutions for effective OAuth integration and automation. The State Changers agreed unanimously on the importance of finding a solution for this issue due to the scalable impact it could have on business operations.

(Source: Office Hours 8/8 )

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