Automating User Authentication Process with Xano and Stitch

The State Changers meeting discussed the automation of the connection between the front end and back end of a system. The State Changers discussed using the Xano end point for this, with the plan to link up the user token to automate the process.

They also discussed the issue of managing security, particularly around the exchange of data between the front end and back end. The aim is to keep the verification process secure to prevent unauthorized access or misuse of user data. The State Changers also addressed the challenge of navigating through redirect URIs when integrating with online platforms, such as Stitch. They planned to solve the issue by setting up a web page that receives a URL from an API, which will take users directly to Stitch for authentication. The redirect URI then takes users to another web page, which collects the URL and sends it back to Zano, before Zano can confirm successful authentication. This workflow was emphasized to be temporary and not ideal, with plans to seek a more efficient process in the future. The meeting also touched upon the use of webhooks - a server-to-server API call initiated by an event on a machine. The State Changers discussed its security implications, in particular, the need for verification when webhooks are sent to ensure data is not sent to a third party in error. Key platforms and technology mentioned during the meeting included "Xano", "Stitch", "Bravo Studio", and "Zano."

(Source: Office Hours 11/30 )

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