Automating WeWeb Deployment with PowerShell and GraphQL

The State Changers met to discuss the successful automatic deployment of WeWeb. They followed a path of looking at the GraphQL endpoints that were being called within the dashboard and configured a series of them. The solution was developed mainly using a method involving PowerShell and GraphQL where the primary constant variables across all the calls were session data, cookies, and headers. Each function served a specific purpose, from publishing the initial endpoint, status checking, publishing status, invoking calls to get the ZIP file, to file downloading. Other tools mentioned, though not as enthusiastically engaged in this particular meeting, include Zano, Zapier, and others. Potential future challenges were addressed, such as the sustainability of this setup and susceptibility to changes, specifically with the cookie setup mentioned as a potential breakpoint. They also discussed how to utilize notifications to monitor completion. The State Changers made use of OpenAI technology to facilitate the PowerShell construction. Overall, the meeting showcased a high level of technical detail and emphasized the importance of automation in their process.

(Source: Office Hours 10/31/2023 )

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