Building a Custom Scheduling System for Social Media Posts

In this meeting, the participant (referred to as "State Changer") discusses their need to build a system for scheduling social media posts. They currently use an API called Airshare but want to move away from it due to its shortcomings. They express their difficulty in understanding how to implement the scheduling system using the Xano database.

The State Changer describes their basic requirements, such as having an array of time slots for each user and the ability to set their own schedule. They also mention the need to handle posts from a queue and allow users to manually add posts that fit into the schedule. They express confusion about how to display the posts in a chronological order and determine free slots in the queue. The State Changer receives guidance from another participant (referred to as "Nathan") who advises them to separate the concepts of a scheduled post and a queued post. Nathan suggests using a separate table called "Publish" to track when posts go out and their associated content. He also explains the importance of handling time differences and how to pick the next available slot in the queue. Nathan encourages the State Changer to spend time thinking through the problem and iterating on their solution, as it is a complex task that may require multiple attempts. Throughout the discussion, they also touch on topics like data storage, front-end development, and utilizing Xano's functionalities. The State Changer expresses their concerns about the complexity of the task and notes that it may take them a few days to fully figure it out. Overall, the meeting provides valuable insights into the challenges and considerations involved in building a custom scheduling system for social media posts using Xano and Adalo.

(Source: Office Hours 10/25 )

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