Building a Fintech App: Troubleshooting API Integration

In this meeting, the State Changer is trying to build a fintech app and is seeking help with the API for top-up and withdrawal actions. They are stuck on these actions and want to know if they are approaching the problem correctly.

The State Changer starts by sharing their screen and explaining the functionality they want to achieve. They have set up the API for registration and balance checking, but they are having trouble with the top-up and withdrawal actions. They are unsure if their approach is correct and they want assistance. The State Changer is shown a debugging tool called "Stop and Debug" to help them understand the data flow. They are guided through the process of using this tool to inspect the data and identify any issues. The meeting participants discuss the importance of authentication and how it can help secure the app and ensure that each user's data is separate. The State Changer is encouraged to use authentication and shown how to enable it in Xano. They are advised to identify users based on their ID and use the Xano authentication token for secure user identification. The participants discuss modifying data in the database and how to update the user's balance after a top-up action. They add an "Add Number" function to perform the balance update and then use "Edit Record" to update the balance in the account table. The participants show the State Changer how to use the "Stop and Debug" tool to check the data at different stages of the process and ensure the changes are reflected in the database. The meeting concludes with a discussion about future steps, including implementing authentication based on the USSD system and integrating with the telecom operators. The State Changer expresses their desire for further assistance in these areas. Overall, the meeting focuses on troubleshooting the top-up and withdrawal actions in the fintech app and providing guidance on using the Xano platform effectively. The State Changer is given step-by-step instructions and shown useful tools to debug the process. Future steps are discussed, including authentication and integration with external systems.

(Source: Office Hours 9/14/2023 )

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