Building a Sailing Community with Xano, Bravo Studio, and Zeno: Formatting Dates and Creating Labels

In this meeting, the participant is sharing their screen and discussing their project using Bravo Studio and Xano. They are building a sailing community application as a personal project to learn these tools. They have designed the app using Figma and Bravo components. The participant mentions that they are able to find data between Bravo and Xano, but they are still new to Xano. They have created tables and API queries, but are facing challenges with features like email verification and password reset.

During the meeting, the participant asks for help with formatting the date created at and creating a new variable. They receive assistance in using Xano's format timestamp feature to convert and format the date. They also learn how to add additional text to the formatted date, such as the location. The meeting ends with the participant expressing gratitude for the assistance and mentioning the importance of sharing the meeting transcript for future reference.

(Source: Office Hours 3/17 )

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