Building a unified server backend with Xano and Firebase

In this meeting, Kamir and Pavel discuss the integration of Xano and Firebase within Flutterflow. They explain the authentication process and how it can be managed through Xano to provide more control and flexibility. They demonstrate the sign-up flow, including email verification, using a combination of Firebase and Xano APIs. Kamir also explains the use of UUIDs for security purposes. The participants highlight the trade-offs between using different authentication methods and the importance of understanding the relationship between authentication and authorization. They discuss the benefits of using Xano for business logic and authentication, while also mentioning the advantages of Firebase for certain features like push notifications. The meeting concludes with a clarification on token expiration and the role of each platform in managing user authentication. Overall, the meeting provides valuable insights into integrating Xano and Firebase for authentication in Flutterflow.

(Source: Deep Dive Flutterflow/Firebase/Xano 8/9/23 )

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