Building and Self-Hosting with WeWeb and DigitalOcean

In this meeting, the State Changers were discussing the process of hosting a WeWeb application using self-hosting on DigitalOcean. They encountered some issues with the WeWeb server and decided to explore the option of self-hosting the static code instead. They uploaded the code files to GitHub and then connected the DigitalOcean app to the GitHub repository. They made some updates to the code and pushed the changes to GitHub. The app was automatically built and deployed by DigitalOcean. They also discussed the option of caching and the importance of TTL (time to live) for performance. The State Changers made progress in hosting and managing their WeWeb app but still need to explore further and automate the process. They plan to continue testing and refining the setup while ensuring a smooth transition for users.

(Source: Deep Dive: Self-Hosting a Weweb App on Digital Ocean 9/22/2023 )

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