Building Multidimensional Data Structures from Unstructured Meeting Discussions

In the meeting, the State Changers discussed about building applications with loop structures and how to deal with semi-structured data. They showed how a streaming parse model works and how to manipulate arrays in order to create complex nested data structures from linear data. The problem they addressed involves retrieving data from a document where the data is structured in a linear one-dimensional format involving many different loops. This one-dimensional data needs to be converted into a multi-dimensional format.

Key topics discussed included building objects from the linear data, differentiating between single and plural variables, reinitializing variables, and setting up data structures for sections, subsections, and lists within these sections. They also touched on the concept of accumulators, data manipulation, and array manipulation. Considerable time was spent discussing how to add to the end of an array, when and how to update variables, how to create variables, and techniques for frequent testing and debugging to locate and rectify errors. The discussion was technical and dealt specifically with building applications and data structure manipulations. Mentioned tools or concepts include Zoom, PDF, Adobe API, data manipulation, the creation of arrays, and the streaming parse model.

(Source: Office Hours 12/27 )

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