Challenges and Resolutions in Implementing Automatic Screen Tracking in FlutterFlow

In this meeting, the State Changers focused on addressing an issue with automatic screen tracking in their application and the associated coding challenges. There was a particular focus on integrating GoRouter in their system, with the team attempting to manually add a listener attachment for each route change.

Importantly, the participants highlighted that the manual addition of a listener attachment proved challenging due to errors arising from the 'send screen view' and 'listeners' integrations into GoRouter. Through discussion and analysis, they identified that their programming approach was wrongly focusing on the routes, whereas they needed to target the GoRouter level. They used FlutterFlow, part of the Flutter library, for creating routes, and one attendee pointed out the necessity of adding listeners within the GoRouter configuration object at the higher level. A proposal was made to add a 'listener' after creating the router and to investigate whether the addition of the listener renders functional results. Throughout the conversation, the State Changers also discussed how to interpret the prompts from the chat GPT and how to best utilise its advice for their coding needs. They were also careful in keeping track of their errors and continuously problem-solving for a better output. Overall, the discussion was quite technical, mainly revolving around issues related to the integration of listeners into GoRouter within FlutterFlow. Concepts and tools like Dart, Flutter, GoRouter, listeners, screen views, and route changes were extensively discussed. The team showed a proactive approach towards troubleshooting and in-depth technical discussion on integrating different components, making it a useful session for any newcomer looking for similar solutions. This meeting would be particularly beneficial for those seeking insights into complex coding challenges when integrating automatic screen tracking with apps.

(Source: State Change Office Hours 9/28/2023 AM )

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