Challenges and Solutions in Flutter and Customer IO Integration for iOS and Android

In this meeting, the State Changers discussed different issues related to integrating Customer IO with FlutterFlow. Certain functionalities worked with Flutter, but the process became complex when touching things at a lower level, particularly when dealing with iOS given its differences with Android. A significant amount of time was spent figuring out the complexities of this integration, revealing that SDK integration still presented challenges for Flutter.

The discussion highlighted the challenges involved when dealing with native systems from the perspective of Flutter and FlutterFlow. The participants debated alternative methods, such as avoiding the way Flutter or Customer IO guides the integration process. The goal was to identify the hard parts and find ways not to add unnecessary complexity to the system. There was also dialogue about their experience with Mixpanel, which seemed easier to work with from the FlutterFlow side compared to Customer IO. Certain features were easier to implement, and Mixpanel didn't attempt to put as many hooks into the system. The meeting ended with an understanding of the substantial differences between websites and mobile systems, with the latter being more complex due to the lack of a browser simplifying the process. Overall, the goal of the meeting was to tackle integration issues they were facing, pinpoint the tough parts, and strategize methods to simplify the processes without adding unnecessary complexities.

(Source: Office Hours 8/31/2023 AM )

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