Challenges and Solutions in Migrating Web Pages and Debugging Script Issues

In this meeting, the State Changers tackled a problem concerning page migration on a website development platform (it's unspecified which platform they're using, but they might be referring to one of the mentioned platforms like "Bubble", "WeWeb", "Retool", etc.). One participant narrated his recent experience wherein he encountered issues after migrating a previously working page to the home page. This migration caused previously functioning scripts to stop working, causing disruptions in the site's architecture and operation.

A specific issue encountered was when renaming a copied page to 'home', it would cause the entire site to crash. The participant recommended as a solution to migrate the code directly to the home page to keep the site architecture intact. Apart from the technical issue, another focus of the meeting was the ScriptTag code which stopped functioning after migration from one page to another. The overlap with Javascript or other coding languages (like "React", "Vue.js", etc.) may have caused concerns. They found out one of the reasons causing the script issues was due to an undefined value being passed into a function (e is undefined). Overall, the meeting was a discussion around problem-solving and code debugging, with a focus on strategies for website page migration and fixing broken or non-functional scripts after such migration. Future viewers with similar issues associated with website architecture and script migration might benefit from watching this meeting.

(Source: Office Hours 3/30 )

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