Choosing and Implementing the Right Mobile Analytics Platform: A Deep Dive into Integration with Xano & Flutterflow

This meeting discussion revolves around the State Changers trying to set up mobile analytics for a project using FlutterFlow. They previously had issues integrating front and back-end data with a different setup (Amplitude, Segment, Mixed Panel), and now want to move ahead with a different platform, possibly Heap due to its auto-tracking feature and session reporting.

State Changer discusses how incorporating Heap into FlutterFlow might pose challenges. Since Heap is expanding from mobile analytics to supporting Flutter, it may be imperfect and problematic when touching the native part of a native app. There are two potential strategies: 1. Heap might interact directly with Flutter using its library, 2. Analytics payloads could be sent from the FlutterFlow front end through to Xano, then relayed back to the analytics back-end. If implemented successfully, they foresee changes in the deployment path and propose a trial-and-error method for evaluating whether the integration of Heap into FlutterFlow is feasible. They also discuss the potential benefits and costs of these changes. They briefly highlight that entering into this unknown territory of implementing Heap into Flutter could be beneficial for the broader developer community. Furthermore, they discuss possible feedback and improvements that could be made to FlutterFlow. Rather than FlutterFlow building in support for analytics systems like Heap, it might be more advantageous to discover what friction points exist within FlutterFlow and address those. Keywords: FlutterFlow, Xano, Heap, analytics, mobile analytics, no code tool, segmentation, deployment path, JavaScript, Dart, back-end data, front-end data.

(Source: Office Hours 5/25 )

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