Combining Xano and Weweb APIs for a Unified Experience

In this meeting, the participants discuss merging two sets of data in order to create a unified experience for users. One person is looking to merge a list of campaigns and a list of stores based on the amount of conversions they have. They mention using Bubble to merge and sort the data, but express concerns about performance. The goal is to create a single repeating group that displays the top stores and campaigns with the most conversions in a randomized order. They discuss using Xano to retrieve the data and format it before sending it to Bubble. They also mention the need to include the store name, campaign name, and conversion count in the final output. They suggest using for-each loops to iterate through the data and add it to an output variable, and they discuss the importance of sorting the output based on the conversion count. Overall, the meeting focuses on finding a solution for merging and displaying the data in an efficient way.

(Source: Office Hours 3/27 )

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