Comparing Flutterflow and WeWeb for Native Mobile App Development

In this meeting, the participants discussed various no-code platforms and their suitability for building native mobile apps. They mentioned platforms like FlutterFlow, WeWeb, Glide, Bubble, and DraftBit. They also mentioned the importance of learning Dart if you choose to work with FlutterFlow. The participants discussed the pros and cons of using progressive web apps (PWAs) versus native apps, with the consensus being that native apps provide a better user experience and higher engagement. They also discussed the use of form buttons and how to save form data in sections. Finally, the participants briefly mentioned Framer and Webflow as potential tools for building marketing websites. The meeting concluded with a request for further assistance with FlutterFlow and Xano integrations, which were addressed by referring to previous office hour sessions.

(Source: Office Hours 5/17 AM )

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