Complex Data Manipulation and Augmentation in Back-End Functions

This meeting involves a group of State Changers discussing different methods of data manipulation using Xano as the backend solution. The discussion is primarily focused on working with item records from a database and the challenges with handling nested data (lists and objects) from these records.

Key topics covered in the meeting include: - The difference between single records and list of records in data modelling, with a focus on the importance of using the right type when performing operations. - Understanding the representation of data in JSON format, i.e., how arrays are represented by square brackets and objects by curly brackets. - Noticing issues with data handling, such as difficulty in multiplication due to an array issue and rectifying it by changing the shape of the array elements. - Using the debug function to understand how variables are being computed and why there might be a discrepancy in the expected output. - The realization that variables created inside a loop get overwritten in each iteration, thereby suggesting the use of a database column or an external variable for storing values. - Introduction of the concept of 'Data Augmentation', wherein the existing variable 'item' is updated with a computed value in each iteration, ensuring the computed value can be used later. The meeting concludes with the understanding of how to apply transformations on queried records, iterate through them, augment them with computed values, and return these modified records. This learning opens possibilities for more sophisticated and complex operations in data handling. Applications discussed in this meeting include Xano for backend solutions and JSON for data representation. The participants also reference usage of debugging and creating and updating variables within loops.

(Source: Office Hours 9/15/2023 )

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