Configuring Intercom Integration with Wiz using JavaScript and HTML for User Authentication

The State Changer meeting involved a discussion and collaboration on solving a code-based issue dealing with intercom script embeds into a website that was set up with "Webflow" and "Wiz". Participants worked together to create end points, hash and properly embed the required script within HTML attributes.

They encountered an issue regarding the timing for retrieving webpage data, where 'await all page load' did not actually wait sufficiently for the request to come back. A function was then created to delay the sequence of code implementing a two sec. time-out. The script however, was firing twice which was averted using a Boolean var. at the top end that allowed the script to run only once. The participants made use of debugging tools like console.log in JavaScript to trace potential errors in the script execution. They acknowledged that the intercom script was trying to authenticate right away which was causing multiple failures during initial loads. In the end, they concluded that more configuration is required on 'Intercom's side to resolve the issue completely. In-depth discussions were carried out surrounding topics of HTML attributes, onload requests, page load, jQuery, JavaScript and variables under Wiz's integration.

(Source: Office Hours 1/11 )

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