Configuring User Authentication Systems for Applications with Xano, Google Cloud Identity and Facebook Developer Account

In this meeting, the State Changers engaged in a deep discussion about setting up user login functionalities for an application. The focal point of the conversation was around how to streamline several authentication methods. They mentioned "Xano", a back-end development platform, and "Facebook Developer account" as part of the process for integrating a Facebook login. However, complexities arose in coordinating multiple methods of login like Google, Facebook, and others.

One of the participants explored the "Auth0" application. Auth0 allows developers to manage different authentication methods, offering a single system to handle user verification. The participant highlighted that using Auth0 may reduce complexity by providing a common identifier for each user, regardless of the login method. It's suggested that Auth0 could be more manageable especially when dealing with federated authentication or social auth. The meeting concluded with the suggestion that the participant who needed to handle the user login spend time investigating and understanding how to use Auth0 more effectively. While this transcript did not mention about "WeWeb", "FlutterFlow", "Zapier", "Make", "Integromat", "Outseta", "Retool", "Bubble", "Adalo", "AppGyver", "AppSheet", "Comnoco", "Fastgen", "Firebase", "Google", "OAuth", "Stripe", "Twilio", "Airtable", "DraftBit", "Javascript", "Typescript", "React", "Vue.js", "JSX", "HTML", "CSS", "lambda", "serverless", "State Change", "ScriptTag", "OpenAI", "AI21", these could potentially be used in future discussions if related to the application development and deployment process.

(Source: Office Hours 8/18 )

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