Creating a Calendar Table in Xano for Admin Dashboard

The State Changers meeting involved discussions mainly around creating and handling a calendar or history table in backend applications like Xano, displaying data on the frontend, and utilizing AI for more efficient query results.

The first part of the meeting was dedicated to discussing the creation of a calendar table. The State Changers recommended the idea of a history table over a calendar table. The table would include a reference to the user ID and text describing what they've done. It was pointed out that Xano will automatically add time stamps, removing the need for manually creating every record. Further, they emphasized that rendering data in the frontend is separate and depends on the display format. They compared Xano to Power BI and Microsoft SQL Server, explaining that backend operations are separate from frontend display considerations. Hence, how the data is displayed is a frontend issue, not a backend one. In the second part of the meeting, they discussed the use of AI to improve user queries. The idea was presented to use AI to examine initial user queries and the resulting data to better specify and improve subsequent queries. They suggested using a tool called 'playground' from OpenAI for testing purposes. It was noted that this feature could be used to ask the model if there are better ways to format a question given the model's initial response to the query. This is called "prompt engineering" and can be trialed in the OpenAI sandbox. In closing, it was agreed that questions or issues could be posted on the forum for further assistance. The next meeting is scheduled for seven o'clock Eastern time the following morning.

(Source: Office Hours 2/13 )

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