Creating and Optimizing an API in Xano for Nonprofit Organization Database Queries

In this meeting, the State Changers discussed how to set up an API to query the data they need for a project involving non-profit organizations. They started by creating an endpoint called "search_nonprofits". After setting up the queries for different fields, they found that the API was not returning expected results.

In order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of searching, a feature called Indexing in "Xano" was introduced. An index was created using various search fields like mission, name and programs related to the non-profits. The index served as a special kind of field, and the operator became 'search'. This allowed them to treat their dataset similar to how Google treats searches in a larger scale but a simpler context, significantly improving the search efficiency and speed. The State Changers then applied these changes to their existing queries and found satisfactory results, speeding up returns from the dataset of nearly 9700 records in less than a second. This new mechanism seemed to be a good starting point for the team to be able to quickly provide relevant results. While the conversation occasionally touched on technologies such as JavaScript, CSS, and database programming language SQL, a significant portion of the discussion centered around using the NoCode tool Xano's functionality to make data queries more efficient and effective. The meeting ended with a plan to possibly discuss CSS issues at a later time and to allow other team members to share their updates.

(Source: Office Hours 11/9 )

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