Creating AWS Authorization Headers

In the meeting, the participants discuss how to successfully make a call without using Lambda. They start by cleaning up the function and associating the parameters with variables. They then save and put the clean version of the function into another function called "make AWS authorization header".

They discuss that Xano is being a "dumbass" by insisting on using a GET request instead of a POST request. They make the necessary changes and also update the headers to include the variables for date and authorization. Next, they create a function called "make AWS canonical request" which takes the inputs of date and payload. They clean up the code and make sure to generate the canonical request correctly. They then discuss the next step, which is to create a function called "make AWS string to sign". They clean up the code and specify the inputs needed for this step. The participants acknowledge that the process is complex and there may still be some missing parts or errors. However, they are confident in the progress they have made so far and plan to continue working on the issues to generate the correct authorization headers. Overall, the participants are focused on breaking down the steps and troubleshooting each one to ensure they are generating the correct results. They are using functions to separate and isolate different tasks, making their approach more organized and manageable.

(Source: Office Hours 9/1 )

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