Creating Maximum Values for Measures and Calculating Ratios in Test Results

In this meeting, the participants discuss how to calculate the total possible value for each measure in a test. They discuss different options, including storing the value in the questions table or the answers table. They also talk about the need for maximum scores for each question and how to determine the maximum possible value for each measure. They decide to loop through the questions table to calculate the maximum scores and add them to the output. They also discuss the importance of prioritizing immediate problem-solving over scalability when developing solutions. Additionally, the participants mention the one-two rule, which suggests giving an idea a limited amount of time before deciding to continue with it or try something else. They also discuss the need to create a new field in the database schema to store the maximum value for the measures. Finally, they mention the possibility of calculating a ratio and adding it to the output as well. Overall, the meeting focuses on finding a solution to calculate the total possible value for each measure in the test.

(Source: Office Hours 3/14 )

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