Cryptography Discussion for Developing a Notary Platform

In the meeting, the State Changers discussed cryptographic implementation for a notary marketplace platform with extensive use of "Xano". Participants dived into a detailed discussion about the creation of a public and private key for cryptographic authentication, exploring the use of Xano's functionalities to generate signatures and hash messages. They also considered the security impact of storing private keys in Xano, touching on the risk mitigation offered by role-based access control and encryption. The conversation touched upon how trust is established in a distributed network with the help of certificates and authority databases. The use of a root key for the notary platform and potential problems of storing notaries' keys in plaintext were addressed. The meeting concluded with the need to align these cryptographic techniques with legal guidelines for notaries. The keywords that arose during the conversation included: "Xano", "Crypto", "Private Key", "Public Key", "Signature", "Hash", "Trust", "Certificate", and "Encryption".

(Source: Office Hours 9/4/2023 )

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