Data Reshaping for Displaying in WeWeb

In this meeting, the participants discuss reshaping data from an API call in Xano to display it in a table in WeWeb. The goal is to reshape the data so that each row corresponds to a specific set of data points. The participants go through the process of creating variables and filters in Xano to manipulate the data and create the desired table structure.

They use Xano's data manipulation and array functions to format the data correctly. They also discuss organizing the data using keys and values to associate each data point with the correct column. The participants note that this process can be repeated for each row in the table, with some adjustments to the variables and filters. They also mention the need to address sorting issues to ensure the data is displayed in the desired order. Overall, the meeting focuses on manipulating and reshaping data in Xano to create a table format in WeWeb. The participants provide guidance on the steps to take and the variables and filters to use.

(Source: Office Hours 8/10/2023 )

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