Data Transformation and Visualization Strategies for Compounded Interest Calculations

The meeting was focused on problem-solving for a specific data-related issue. The attendants, referred to as State Changers, primarily discussed the complications regarding the creation of a chart in an application. The problem was that they had a series of financial strategies with a set of variables and they were trying to generate a list of amounts that would be applicable for each year. The group referred to tools such as WeWeb for data preparation and visualization in the future steps.

The main issue was the generation of intermediate data points related to compound interest. The participants were extracting details from user goal details, but they were not iterating over years. The goal was to compute data points for each year, and they wanted to use counter variables to facilitate this. Using a debugging and problem-solving approach, they gradually progressed through the code and noted areas for improvement. A part of the strategy was to create a novel 'periods' array variable and incorporate it into a 'while loop'. However, they realized the mathematical computations were likely off, resulting in the final numbers surpassing the expected target amount. Overall, the meeting was aimed at understanding and rectifying issues in generating financial data for future chart visualization within an application. They worked on ensuring they had the correct set of numbers and aimed to move onto data shaping and pushing the data to the WeWeb for the display process after fixing the issues. Note: The participants mentioned "WeWeb", and using it for their next steps, however, there were no other project-specific tools or technologies mentioned in the script.

(Source: Xano Office Hours with Ray Deck 9/19/2023 )

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