Debating and Improving Data Structure in Xano for Better Performance and Scalability

The State Changers convened in this meeting to discuss various kinds of software development, specifically focusing on Xano dynamo, code readability, data performances, restructuring methods, and the optimization of processes. Key topics addressed comprised performance boosting practices, such as utilizing Lambdas, the importance of code readability and adapting models for machine and human understanding while keeping them readable to developers. The conversation leaned heavily on modeling challenges in the domain of debt tranches calculation, emphasizing the necessity for deep system comprehension for better human readability. The State Changers also deliberated on the efficiency of separating data models and communicative objects while considering the potential complexities that may arise.

Furthermore, the participants juxtaposed methods for data representation, questioning the viability of map versus loop operations and the advantages of utilizing environment variables. Performance improvement tactics such as avoiding the overuse of filters, specifically Xano filters, and limiting database queries were also conveyed. An example of restructuring data tables through JSON objects to enhance vendor management was shared, highlighting how this simplifies information access and reduces table numbers and relational dependencies. Overall, the complexities of creating user-friendly code while maximizing functionality and maintaining high-performance rates remained the central discourse throughout the meeting.

(Source: Office Hours 7/24/23 )

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