Debugging and Enhancing Data Fetching in Xano and WeWeb Application

This meeting was aimed at troubleshooting a software program created using WeWeb and Xano. The specific issue was associated with data fetching, particularly with "rental comps" in an underwriting page. The State Changers ran into an issue where some functions were not working as intended.

The main issue targeted in the discussion was that data was not being fetched correctly, a problem that occurred when a new rental was handled by the "Fetch Next Rent Comp" function, which did not properly fetch the new rental data. Additionally, there was a problem with caching, and elements not updating as expected due to caching. Similarly, statuses were causing confusion and complicating debugging efforts, making it clear that more explicit naming conventions or additional documentation was needed for clarity. Photos were also not loading due to an issue with the URL associated with them. One solution that was suggested during the meeting was changing certain "get" requests to "post" requests to avoid caching, more specifically, those associated with data fetching. Overall, this meeting would be helpful for developers working with WeWeb and Xano, particularly in a debugging capacity. The discussions around GET and POST requests, caching and data fetching may provide crucial insights to individuals encountering similar issues. However, the conversation would be of little use to non-programmers or developers working outside of this specific context.

(Source: Office Hours 11/3 )

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