Debugging and Enhancing Date Functionality in Xano Software Development

In this meeting, the State Changers addressed an issue with a function stack relevant for a booking system. They discussed particularly the function responsible for providing availabilities based on a property ID, month, and year. An issue was identified where the function failed to return data for months within the year, despite available data existing.

After some troubleshooting, they discovered the issue was due to the function failing to consider the inputted year when forming the endpoint for its data request; it only considered the month. The Changers discussed the importance of creating a custom date through concatenating the inputted year, month, and '01' to represent the first day of the month. They then explored various ways to transform this concatenated string into a timestamp. Using trial and error, the team tested multiple timestamp formats from PHP's date function documentation in Xano (essentially a backend platform as service). The problem was eventually resolved by using the correct syntax to match the timestamp's format. The team concluded that dates formatting needs high precision, and using PHP's syntax for formatting and parsing dates was deemed a solid solution. The meeting was exploratory in nature and revolved around some deep troubleshooting methods within the Xano platform. The main technologies mentioned were PHP and Xano. This meeting is particularly insightful for individuals seeking solutions for issues with date formatting and parsing within a backend service like Xano.

(Source: Office Hours 11/17 PM )

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