Debugging and Improving Property Progresses in Xano

This meeting among the State Changers involved a discussion and troubleshooting around key-value relations in some kind of object-oriented programming. Their discussion was primarily focused on objects and arrays in a program which they were debugging. A recurring issue was understanding how to add a new key-value pair to an object, precisely the percentage property to an object named progress. The State Changers discussed how to update the variable property progress and add a new value, property percentage. They solved the problem with a hands-on approach, using Xano, with a method which involved referencing a path within the object that didn't exist yet, then adding the new value there. This provided a significant learning point for the team regarding the non-traditional way Xano thought about objects and paths. The solution was well-received, and they closed the meeting on a positive note. Although specific technologies like WeWeb, FlutterFlow, Zapier were not specifically mentioned, the meeting could be potentially useful for people dealing with similar issues in Xano or object-oriented programming in general.

(Source: Office Hours 12/19 )

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