Debugging and Refactoring Data Architecture for Speed Limit Testing

The meeting featured a productive debugging session among "State Changers", with the goal of troubleshooting issues related to data architecture, more specifically on their application functions. The discussion centered around the use of tables, the creation and redesign of data parameters, and repositioning of functions. They also talked about specific issues like the system bugging out due to moving around the 'speed limit test' in the equation.

They systematically walked through the code to find the issue, using the 'stop and debug' feature for detailed tracking of the problem. One problem encountered was related to the 'Get Speed Limit' function, which was pulling data from an older record that no longer existed. To resolve the issues, the 'State Changers' proposed several solutions, which include: Rebuilding or re-plugging certain functions, properly mapping out all the necessary fields, and selectively testing and focusing on one property or issue at a time. The 'State Changers' were in the process of a refactor, working to shrink the problem zone and identify small errors. By executing tests and moving around functions, they made progress but also uncovered further issues. The meeting ended without 100% resolution, but with clear actions and paths forward identified. Please note that there were no references to any keywords such as "Xano", "FlutterFlow", "Zapier", "Retool", etc mentioned in the transcript.

(Source: Office Hours 10/6 Early )

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