Debugging API Template Issues and Enhancing Document Generation Process in Xano

The State Changers discussed a variety of technical problems and solutions, revolving primarily around a workflow generating documents using an external API called API template. They noticed issues with images not properly generating when making an API call from Xano, which seemed to function correctly outside Xano context. After investigating, they identified the issue in the headers of the API request, where the 'Content-Type' was misconfigured as 'application/form' instead of 'application/json'.

After adjusting this configuration, the problem was resolved. They also suggested that if they were to redo the process, they'd potentially make their API calls asynchronously due to the time consumed when generating multiple documents. They discussed the flexibility of the API template, particularly its capability for conditional rendering which suited their use case, allowing for templating based on application data. Meanwhile, frameworks and technologies like Xano, HTML, CSS, and JSON were substantially referred to throughout the meeting. However, other systems like "WeWeb", "FlutterFlow", "Zapier", "Make", "Integromat", "Outseta", "Retool", "Bubble", etc., were not mentioned in this meeting.

(Source: Office Hours 10/4 )

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