Debugging Authentication Issues in Xano

During this meeting, the State Changers discuss debugging a user authentication function in Xano. Initially, they encounter an error when running a "sign-up" function, which involved creating a new user and generating an auth token. The issue seemed to stem from how passwords were being checked and hashed.

The meeting involved a detailed dive into password hashing and consideration of the fields' types involved in user validation. It was determined that within the Xano environment, the password field on the interface could be a text input, but in the database, it should be defined as a 'password' type. This is because Xano applies preprocessing to 'password' type inputs before storing them into the database. Moreover, there seemed to be a misunderstanding about the similarity between the hashed password in the database and the JWT (Java Web Token) generated for user authentication. The State Changers clarified that these are two different elements, and a match between them is not expected. The JWT token acts as a secure token proving that a specific user is making requests. Once the same hashes are matched, the JWT token is issued, encrypted using Xano encryption, and signed, which is then used for user validation on the front end. The meeting concluded with a State Changer committing to revise the code and debugging it further to find solutions independently.

(Source: Office Hours 12/12 )

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