Debugging Duplicate API Calls for Mobile App Performance

In this meeting, the team is discussing an issue with duplicate API calls when the app is deployed to the Google Play Store. One team member has been debugging the issue but hasn't found a solution yet. Another team member suggests caching the API calls, which reduces the number of duplicates but doesn't completely solve the problem. They discuss the performance issues and investigate the possibility of the duplicate calls being caused by the browser-specific CORS preflight requests. They also consider server-side caching and suggest using the metadata API to gather more data about the requests. They explore potential causes for the slow performance, including authentication system delays and queueing issues. They suggest investigating the front-end caching behavior and explore ways to optimize the app, such as moving data higher in the component tree to reduce unnecessary API calls. They also discuss the idea of self-triggering endpoints and conclude that gathering more data and analyzing it with higher precision would be the next step in finding a solution.

(Source: Office Hours 5/19 )

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