Debugging Duplicate Array Push in JavaScript during Office Hours

In this meeting, the State Changers discuss a programming issue relating to JavaScript. The main topic revolved around the task of pushing selected variables into a new array without ending up with duplicate entries. The presenter shared their screen and demonstrated how when they attempted to push items from an index into an array (v.selected), it resulted in duplicate entries of the same items.

The other participant, George, hadn't encountered this specific problem before but provided assistance by suggesting a different line of code to try. This involved replacing "v.selected" in the code with a version George suggested ("b.selected"). The change showed promise, with the new array no longer immediately duplicating entries, indicating progress. The issue was not fully resolved by the end of the meeting, with further work agree to be done in future office hours to figure out how to handle the problem of removing duplicates if they exist. While this meeting doesn't include the mentioned tech keywords explicitly, it still provides valuable insights into debugging JavaScript code and dealing with array manipulation complexities.

(Source: Office Hours 1/24 )

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