Debugging Practices, Implementing Retry Logic and Enhancing Understanding Functions in Xano

The State Changers meeting primarily focused on troubleshooting, debugging and improving the performance of functions. The main participant, Anaya, highlighted her concerns about difficulties in tracing and aligning errors, particularly in long, nested functions. The common pain point discussed was the time-consuming nature of the debugging process and aligning errors to their causes.

There was also a discussion about strategies to simplify complex functions to make debugging easier. These included breaking down large functions into smaller, specific tasks, isolating concerns, and creating reusable elements. Recommendations were given including maintaining clean code, avoiding very long complex functions, and splitting them into smaller, more manageable pieces. The idea of a 'conceptual common denominator' was introduced by Pavel, where common elements across a process are identified and used to form functions. There wasn't a consensus on a perfect solution, therefore Anaya was encouraged to post her debugging problem on a forum to gather insights from a broader audience. Critical keywords mentioned included "Xano" and various coding functions.

(Source: Office Hours 9/25/2023 )

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