Decentralizing and Deserializing Text Data for Effective Data Manipulation

In this meeting, George discusses a problem he encountered with text files. He found that one file was separated by caret symbols and used a split filter to split it into an array and then looped over that array to create a CSV object. Another file couldn't be opened and appeared to have a PSTT extension. George discovered that adding PSTT to the end allowed him to open it as a text file. He then shares his challenge of splitting a file that was separated by line breaks and asks for help. The State Changers suggest trying different delimiters such as pipes or using the substring method for fixed width fields. They also discuss the importance of handling white spaces. They determine that creating key-value pairs and accumulating the data is the right approach. They conclude that the process involves deserializing the text data into JSON-like structures.

(Source: Office Hours 6/9 )

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