Deciphering and Implementing Xano's XML API: Challenges, Solutions and Next Steps

In this meeting among the State Changers, the focus was on using Xano, Hopscotch, and BPost to get data transferred. The participants discussed how to create an API with Xano that mirrors the functionality of an earlier prototype in Hopscotch and implement it in BPost.

The key challenge faced was confirming the output of the input in BPost using Hopscotch, which the participants hadn’t been able to access. This led to the broader theme of the meeting which is the necessity of understanding both inputs and outputs in data transfer operations. A three-step plan was suggested. Firstly, the participants need to validate that the XML package works in Hopscotch and BPost. Then, they need to work on the back and forth between Xano and BPost to get the same result. Finally, the tables can be constructed based on the successful template finally created in Xano. The main takeaway is that without visibility of both inputs and outputs, it's harder to understand how changes will affect the API. Having more iterations of the process can help gain control over it, improving confidence that the transfer will work. Additionally, APIs are challenging, especially XML APIs and participants were encouraged to take a step-by-step approach.

(Source: Office Hours 7/19/23 )

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