Deciphering ConvertKit API with Xano for Email Broadcast Analysis

During this meeting, State Changers assist a participant, Flavio, with extracting data from the ConvertKit API. The task involves collecting the IDs of broadcast lists and corresponding statistics, then consolidating this information into a CSV file. Initial attempts to achieve this using Postman were unsuccessful.

The strategy changes to using Xano, where a function is created to make an external API request, extracting the list of broadcasts. A "for each" loop iterates through the list, sending a second API request to attain individual broadcast details. The two sets of data - the broadcast list and individual broadcast details - are then merged via JSON parsing. By executing a run debug in Xano, the team can confirm the successful creation of the desired data structure. This includes the ID, subject, and stats for each broadcast. Functions such as data manipulation, variable creation, object modification, and array addition are utilized throughout the process. Flavio indicates satisfaction with the results, enabling the meeting to conclude and shift attention to the other participants. Keywords mentioned in this meeting transcript: Xano, Postman (third-party API development tools), ConvertKit API (third-party marketing platform), JSON parsing (method to read/write data), CSV file (data file type), Run Debug (method to test code), and Data Manipulation (modifying data to make it easier to read or be more organized).

(Source: Office Hours 9/12 )

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