Decoding API For Uploading and Storing Image Files with Xano

The State Changers' meeting focused primarily on handling file resources using Xano. The participants wanted to create a file resource from an image received through an external API, which looked like a PDF but was confirmed to be a PNG image.

The meeting tackled these main steps: 1. Using an external API to obtain an image link. 2. Downloading this image using another API call, and converting the downloaded data into a file resource in Xano. 3. Naming this resource with the PNG extension. 4. Creating image metadata for this resource. 5. Checking these steps by inspecting changes in the database. Concerns about the security of accessing these files were addressed. Xano uses hashes to ensure uniqueness and obscurity for files, meaning while anyone with the URL can access the file, guessing the URL would be quite difficult. However, for more secure setups such as time-limited access, it was noted that Xano currently does not have a built-in solution. The participants concluded that those needing higher levels of security might need to apply additional steps, such as pre-encryption.

(Source: Office Hours 6/16 )

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