Decoding JWT and Ensuring Secure Authentication in Xano Using BrowserFlow: A Practical Discussion

In this meeting, the State Changers discussed using BrowserFlow to automate some tasks involving a JWT (JavaScript Web Token) for authentication purposes. The process involves logging in to a platform called GoHighLevel, which injects the JWT into the browser cookies. The trick is to use a code snippet to extract the JWT from this context and decode it.

The challenge is that this process requires a previous login action, and the extracted information resides on the client side, not on the server side. Therefore, it's not in Xano, their backend service. A solution for this issue introduces an automation tool, BrowserFlow, which can log into GoHighLevel, execute the code to extract the JWT, and then post it back to Xano. They also discussed the possibility of using similar browser automation technologies but agreed to give BrowserFlow a shot before exploring others. There were mentions of other tools they could potentially use like PhantomBrowser. Additionally, the group talked about Y Combinator's Startup School. A free and valuable educational resource for entrepreneurs, it offers a broad spectrum of advice that could aid in their ongoing development efforts.

(Source: Office Hours 8/12 )

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