Decoding Protobufs for FlutterFlow: Exploration and Potential for Automation

In this meeting, the State Changers were discussing the progress of a project related to FlutterFlow and protocol buffers (protobuf). One participant revealed a slower than expected progress due to the decoding difficulties in adding elements to the widget tree within FlutterFlow. A strategy to contact an ex-FlutterFlow engineer was suggested to provide insights and speed up the process.

A detailed discussion regarding tackling the protobuf issue took place, focusing on how Flutterflow thinks about these protocol buffers, the understanding of the protobuf structure, and the possible alterations of data. The group examined JavaScript minified in Flutter, the use of online deuglifiers to unpack JavaScript, and how FlutterFlow handles copy-pasting data to encode and decode it using protobuf and base 64. An important aspect discussed was that any technique developed to understand these internal processes might become irrelevant if Flutterflow decided to alter its internals. On the brighter side, figuring out a method to create apps faster on Flutterflow could provide long term value to the users, making them long term customers. Further conversations hinted at a need to understand a few more elements related to this problem, like Tailwind UI and JSX. Ending the meeting, there was an agreement made to continue working on this using the insights provided during the discussion.

(Source: Office Hours 7/14 )

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